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Japanese Yoga with Mandakini
Live via Zoom
Evening Yoga - Thur 6:30pm

Relax your mind, strengthen your lower back, Tighten core muscles , Loosen neck and shoulders and more. 

All levels welcome - catering to individual needs.

After class you will feel relaxed, stable with a positive sense of YOU (ready for good night sleep). Suitable for men & women.

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Morning Vitality Yoga - Mon & Wed 6am

Increase vitality, strength and flexibility. Awaken your own life force and set yourself up with a positive mental attitude.

You'll leave the class feeling taller, stronger and ready for a great day!

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"The yoga keeps me balanced in my busy and hectic life. It keeps my body healthy and flexible from the inside" Karen 63

“ ..I recommend Mandakini’s class to anyone who wants to experience radiant good health...” Gi​na, Ranger, 44​

"In just a few classes, my neck felt loser and I found it easier to drive"  Christine, 61

“I’ve improved physically and emotionally after only 5 classes” Suzanne, 32

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