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Seasonal Wellness Reset Programs

​* Increase energy * Lose extra weight * Clear sluggishness
* Tone your body * Experience Clarity and Focus
* Experience the impact diet has on your health and well-being 


Our seasonal programs are designed to give you a direct experience of how our food impacts the way we feel. During this week we nourish our bodies and mind with good food, morning yoga and the company of a supportive group that comes on this journey with you. The results are amazing!

You'll experience focus, clarity and where relevant, an effortless weight loss.

For many people these programs act as a "circuit breaker". This process makes it easy to take on habits that will be supportive to your health, energy and general well-being.

Whether you are looking for a boost to your health and wellbeing, to establish better eating habits or starting a slimming process, our seasonal reset program could help you achieve these goals.

This program is one of my personal favourites, because of the huge changes in people's health in such a short frame of time. After 30 years I am still amazed at the results people get from this simple, gentle and highly effective process.

A Wellness Reset are really an integral part of most traditional health approaches. The body/mind needs a rest. The most two important times to reset are Spring and Autumn. I do however feel a great need to also reset in January after the over indulgence of the holiday season.


" …I finished the week not only with kilos and inches lost, but strength and focused gained.
I feel like a new person who is ready to take on anything with a clear head and a stronger body. Thank You" Caitlin, Graphic designer, 30

" I definitely noticed a clearer and more focused mind. I found I was much more efficient at both home and work during the program" Liz, Teacher, 47​


“I was able to stop habits that were dragging me down.  In the first week I lost 3kg and gained focus”

Tracy, 46

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