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Hear From Our Participants…
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"I love doing regular Japanese yoga as does my body. I always feel so much more alive and flexible after a class.
Being virtual makes it so easy to do at home. Mandakini is an awesome teacher, very knowledgeable, helpful and caring. I can’t imagine ever not being in her classes". 
Cathy, 53

"Mandakini is a brilliant teacher. She is very knowledgeable and obviously loves what she does. She explained everything so clearly, gives great feedback to each one individually and makes the whole experience lots of fun. I would highly recommend attending this course"  Tim 46

"I’m grateful for these yoga classes with Mandakini as she takes care to give individual support for our particular needs during the class and gentle encouragement and motivation to obtain the most benefit for us during the class and helpful tips for daily practice and injury support." Maureen 64

"I enjoy doing yoga with Mandàkini She looks after us well and is always listening to our personal needs" Mari-Paul 55

"I've been attending Mandakini’s yoga classes for over a year now. At first I was very sceptic as I have been to a few different yoga classes before but never really liked it or felt that it was beneficial to me. With this style of yoga I felt the difference straight away. In just 1 year, my life has improved in so many aspects; flexibility, core strength, strong abs but also internal health. I love it and I am so glad my friend introduced me to it! Mandakini is a great teacher, she is very patient and take extra time for you if needed. She caters for all different levels in the same class. You will never feel left behind if you are a beginner and if you are at an advanced level you are not restricted either. If I could give more than 5 star I would as my general health has improved so much since meeting Mandakini" Lea 25

"IMandakini is very knowledgeable and adapts exercises to suit any health issues. I've only started yoga and after each class my sleep has improved. Highly recommended.." Kylie 

"Mandakini’s Zoom classes have been my introduction into yoga and I’ve loved them. They strike the right balance between challenging you without causing pain and she offers alternative options for the more difficult exercises for different class members. Zoom allows her to demonstrate the exercises and correct you if your position is wrong. Zoom provides convenience of yoga at home without travel time, but still permits interaction with class members"  John, 55

"I love Japanese Yoga with Mandakini! It makes me feel energised and strong." Beth 39

"Zoom yoga with Mandakini is amazing. Easy to get to class in the comfort of my own home and it's almost like having a yoga instructor in my lounge room! Mandakini's set up makes it easy to follow the exercises and for her to keep an eye on everyone in the class to make sure they're doing it properly. Mandakini is very knowledgeable and experienced and has a wonderful supportive and caring style. I have increased my strength, tone and flexibility doing yoga with Mandakini and look forward to the dedicated time to look after my health and well-being. Highly recommend"
Shannon 50

"I have been doing Japanese yoga with Mandakini for sometime now and have found that during this time my body has become so much stronger, has changed shape In many areas and I have even lost weight. I sleep so much better and my stress level has really decreased. I can thoroughly recommend doing Japanese yoga with Mandakini who has been teaching this style of yoga for over 25 years and I can assure you that you will also see the changes this yoga can make in your life"  Karen 67​​

"I love Japanese Yoga with Mandakini! It makes me feel energised and strong." Beth 39

"IMandakini's classes are diverse but they always go deep. I find myself feeling stronger and more awake after class.
For me it's a very different way of working the inner mechanisms of the body than the classic Indian posture based yoga approach. The ZOOM connection has also been easy and pretty flawless. I highly recommend"
Chai 61

"I wasn't sure what to expect however, I have found it extremely good and a perfect way to start the day. I really enjoy being able to wake up and do it from the comfort of my own home. I'm a mother of 2 young girls so it's a bonus when I'm able to fit my exercise without leaving home. I find this yoga to be gentle, great for strength and good to set my positive mindset for the rest of the day/week"  Patty 42


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