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Japanese Yoga Therapy

(Ryoho, Ki or Oki)

Dynamic * Simple * Therapeutic * Fun * Effective

Promoting: * Strength * Tone * Vitality * Flexibility * Well being


Japanese yoga (Ryoho Yoga) is based on the Oriental  5 element Theory(like Shiatsu, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine).

It combines traditional yoga postures with movements designed to activate certain meridians/ energy channels, thus it can be tailored to focus on different parts and/or functions of the body/mind.

Japanese yoga promotes Life Force and offer profound health benefits. It makes you feel strong and experience a true sense of well being from the inside out. 

“In just a few classes, my lower back and  stomach have strengthened – highly recommended”  Cyril, Assessor, 43​​

" I attend and enjoy the Zumba and yoga classes. I am impressed at how seamlessly Mandakini switched to running Zoom classes. Doing the video classes at home has played a big part in keeping me sane and fit during this pandemic. The high energy and variety of the classes are great. Thank you and please keep doing what you're doing! Tara Burns, Mum

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