Japanese Yoga Therapy

(Ryoho Yoga , Ki Yoga or Oki Yoga)

It’s: * Dynamic * Simple * Therapeutic * Fun * Effective

Promoting: * Strength * Tone * Vitality * Flexibility * Well being


Japanese yoga (Ryoho Yoga) is based on the Oriental  5 element Theory(like Shiatsu, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine).

It combines traditional yoga postures with movements designed to activate certain meridians/ energy channels, thus it can be tailored to focus on different parts and/or functions of the body/mind.

Japanese yoga promotes Life Force and offer profound health benefits. It makes you feel strong and experience a true sense of well being from the inside out. 

“In just a few classes, my lower back and  stomach have strengthened – highly recommended” 

Cyril, Assessor, 43

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