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The Healthiest Way To Increase Your Energy & Lose Weight
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Would you like to...

  • Feel More Energy?

  • Lose a few kgs that may have crept in?

  • Reduce or Eliminate Cravings?

  • Get your health back on track?

  • Feel more motivated?

What will I learn in this workshop?

  • Benefits of healthy cleansing

  • 3 foods that "rob your energy" and increase your stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

  • 4 steps to eliminate food cravings

  • Why your body can't let go of excess weight and how to change it

  • The need to modify our self care habits seasonally

  • How strengthening internal organs is necessary for good health

Is this workshop for me? Yes if you...

  • Are interested in good health and wishing to get "back on track" with healthy eating habits,

  • Want to Regain more energy and Need to drop 2-5kg.

  • Would like to feel stronger and more motivated to look after yourself.

  • Have developed some bad habits, eating foods you "shouldn't" but don't know how to stop.

  • Are feeling a bit overwhelmed with life and desiring mental clarity

  • Are wishing to feel fantastic and experience the healthiest version of yourself.

What's Included in the workshop?

  • Education on the underlying principles of good health,
    (including: how to increase energy, reduce cravings and improve gut function)

  • Short exercise class- specifically for current season

  • A simple breathing exercise to rapidly relax and reduce stress

  • How to make a tasty and healthy dish for the season-with recipe

The workshop runs for 90min and for maximum benefit, we recommend you attend the complete program

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Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 12.13.41 pm

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Cooking Class Live Online
Cooking Class Live Online

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A balanced Cleansing Meal
A balanced Cleansing Meal

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Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 12.13.41 pm

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What our participants say?

Mandakini, Instructor 58

"In my 30 years of helping people with their health, this is the easiest and quickest program I know, that delivers such outstanding results in such a short period of time, consistently."


Karen, Retired 64

"I lost 2.5kg in the week and I got off all the sugar I was eating over Christmas. Feeling fit and healthy. It was so simple and easy. Thank you Mandakini, I'm feeling fantastic" 


Ross, Carpenter 59

I lost 2.5kg and 5cm around my waist.
I hate vegetables, but managed the vegetarian food


"Last week I participated in Mandakini's 2020 Spring cleanse - my first cleanse not only with Mandakini, but ever. My motivation for participating in this virtual cleanse (via Zoom) was to become healthier and stronger. I have become healthier by adding the healthy food from the cleanse to my repertoire of meals. We made the food ourselves, guided by Mandakini, on the Sunday, which set us up for the week ahead. I loved the delicious vegan food. I have become stronger because I attended every yoga and cardio session offered over the week... the whole experience was manageable within a busy home where I am also juggling part-time work commitments. The extras (like the meditation and ginger compress sessions) were lovely. The support from fellow cleansers and Mandakini made all the difference. During and after the cleanse, I felt a refreshing sense of calmness and lightness. I can highly recommend attending any seasonal cleanse run by Mandakini Foux."  Tara Burns,  Writer, 39

"The Cleanse was a great way to kick start my weight loss after the extravagance of Christmas. I lost 3.5kg and 3 cm from each of my waist, belly and hips. I feel motivated to continue and with more energy.Having the lunch boxes made it so easy and the food was delicious. Picked up some great tips for the future and my health"  Shannon, Marketing Manager, 50

"I absolutely loved the Spring Cleanse - it was just the reset I needed in terms of how I had been eating and my routines around exercising. I felt totally supported by a great bunch of women. Mandakini is so knowledgeable and I really feel I have a better understanding of what my body needs for good heath. I highly recommend this program"  Claudine Termonen, Pilates Instructor, 37" 

"Through doing Mandakini’s cleanse I lost 5kg, 3cm off my waist and thighs-it wasn’t the sole intention for doing the cleanse, but I am really happy with the results. I thought it would be hard, but Mandakini’s program made it easy and nourishing…the support both of Mandakini & the group meant I could stick to the program, stay motivated and encouraged.
Mandakini has an amazing knowledge of Wellness and the body and was able to explain why we were doing and why.
I feel healthier, fitter, stronger and a greater sense of wellbeing "
  Kim, 40, NSW

"I have done many cleanses with Mandakini, most in person and recently some via Zoom. I always lose a couple of spare Kgs and feel clearer in the head, more focused and motivated to take better care of my health.
With the virtual cleanse Mandakini provided us with all the recipes/eating plan/shopping list we needed, and during the live cooking class it was very easy to prepare all the meals needed for the rest of the week (loved that we all did it together).
Mandakini has a wealth of knowledge (30+ years experience) and structures the program to get the best results for us in such a short time. I feel stronger, more flexible and energised. I highly recommend them for anyone who wants to do something great for their health"  
Ross Burns
,  Carpenter, 58

"I love the cleanse...with Mandakini there beside me giving me options with the exercises, I was able do it! 

I feel light /body tone/ healthy/glowing vitality and I'm taller"  Winnie Hintz, Team Leader, 64

"I really loved doing the spring cleanse with Mandakini. It’s very organised and structured which makes it simple and easy yet is flexible. 6 days of yoga is amazing. By the end I feel like I’ve achieved, I’m lighter in my body, with great energy, connected with others and focused, clear minded. I’d recommend doing a cleanse without hesitation" Cathy, Account Manager, 50" 

"I felt great throughout the week. The yoga was excellent and I feel I have more energy and motivation to keep on with good choices. Mandakini was nurturing, including in the schedule other physical activities and evening meditation"  Maureen, Legal, 65

“It was incredible how fast I transformed; my body got stronger, I became amazingly clear and gained so much energy.
I totally broke my habit of eating sweet treats for energy" 
Sally, Mum, 35

“The most well-rounded experience I have ever had”  Hilda, Retired, 66

"I Joined the cleanse to de-tox after Christmas. I love the food and enjoyed the benefits of the yoga. I always experience clarity of mind and focus after each cleanse"   Liz, Teacher, 49

"This was my second cleanse and it was so helpful to do it during a hard week at work. It halved the stress and confirmed to me that I want to make cleanses part of my life"   Emma, psychologist, 35

“Benefits- lighter, fitter, stronger and more positive”  Leah, Retired Teacher 66


“In this week I lost 3kg and gained focus”  Tracy, 46

"I always leave the cleanse able to face life with renewed energy, clarity and focus"  Gerrie, Music Teacher, 48