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​​​Welcome to Dynamic Wellness!​​​
Your partner in Wellness!​

Are you ready to...

Feel more energy, vitality and emotionally balanced?

Have a stronger, more toned body, better control of your weight?

Be free of pain, sleep better or just be happier?

Enjoy the confidence of slowing and reversing the aging process?

Here at the Dynamic Wellness we are committed to helping you experience REAL vibrant health and your own overflowing life force and look your best- naturally. You will learn the difference between wellness and just "not being sick". We equip you with simple, yet effective tools to empower your health and well being - for life!!!

Lets face it, sometimes we may even know what to do, but may lack the motivation, the time, focus or discipline to " JUST DO IT". At Dynamic Wellness we "do it together", in a supportive group environment of like minded people. This makes the journey easier, enjoyable and most of all - it gets done! Our Wellness activities include: Intelligent Nutrition Supplementation, Japanese Yoga Therapy, Seasonal Cleanses and Zumba Fitness.

Are you genuinely interested in good health and well-being?
Would you like to stay well and age gracefully?
Do you truly value prevention over cure?

then contact us today on 0414 630 163

"All the wellness tools I share, are simple, partical and above all-they work!

Over the years, they've made a huge difference in my life and the lives of others. 

I am looking forward to sharing them with you"


Mandakini Foux

Inspiring a Healthier and Happier YOU,
from the Inside Out

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