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Are you sick of yo-yo dieting?

Have tried everything and nothing works, long term?

Know what to do, but lack the motivation?

Excess weight is a big subject that really relate to many aspects.

As women, the biggest and first impact of excess weight, is the issue of self image. Many of us may "hate" our bodies, feel embarrassed with the excess weight, which can lead to the desire to hide, self loathing and even depression.

In additions, there is the health aspect. As we know, excess weight can lead to many compromised health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and other sever health conditions. It can also impact on our joints, especially knees. By asking our body to carry excess weight, we are putting additional pressure on our joints which leads to bad knees, hips and backs.

We may be looking for that magic wand that will wave over our bodies and we'll be slim again...:-), but the truth is that one size DOES NOT fit all. We are all different and so are our needs.

I know this story personally. I was a fat child, and since the age of 12 ( 40 years) I've explored many different avenues to resolve the issue of maintaining my weight on a daily basis.

I'd say that the biggest key when it comes to losing weight is SUPPORT!  Having someone you can share the journey with.
Therefore, I invite you to contact me or call on 0414 630 163, and lets put together a program that works best for YOU, and give you tools to stay slim for life.

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"After my first child, I put on a lot of weight which i couldnt get rid of it.

To make matters worse, my long term lower back problem was further aggrevated by my pergnancy. Sometimes it even hurt to walk, let alone doing any intense excercise to lose weight. I came to Mandakini for advice. Since working with her, I've lost close to 8kg (and counting), and can now fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes! She also helped my to get my energy and positive attitude back. Big thank you!"

Helen, Mum, 38​

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