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Targeted Fat Loss with TruHealth System

We often talk about Weight Loss, when really we should be talking about Fat Loss! It is the unwanted FAT that we need to lose and NOT the weight.

Did you know that muscle weighs 3 times more than fat? Did you know that we need muscle to burn the fat? Did you know that most people when they diet (and do not do ENOUGH exercise), will lose about 50% muscle 50% fat. That is not a good thing.

Often, when we put the weight back on again, it will be mostly fat. As this process repeats over the years, we accumulate more and more fat and as we don't have the muscle to burn the fat- we are stuck...(it' called Yo-Yo Dieting folks)

With our TruHealth system, our focus is on healthy body composition; losing FAT and increasing lean muscle, which is so valuable for our health and our beneficial as we age 

To join our 30 day Fat Loss Blitz or to learn more​ about out TruHealth body transformation plan, call me on 0414 630 163

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