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Health, Nutrition & Supplements-
FREE Health Talk  *  Sun 8th September, 2-4pm 
Tarragindi - Bookings Essential

Are you currently taking a nutritional supplement?

A multivitamin? Fish Oil? Calcium? Glucosamine?
Are you happy with the results?

As someone that takes a lot of care of what I eat and drink, I used to think that all we needed for good health is a healthy diet, exercise and a healthy life style.

With our busy lives, it's hard to always make sure we are getting all the nutrients we need (especially in times of stress). 

Less than 50% of Australians manage to have the 5 and 2 ( 5 veggies and 2 fruit recommendation).

Also, over the last 50 years our food has changed-DRAMATICALLY! 
The nutrient value in our fruits and vegetables has declined while at the same time our bodies need to fight toxicity has increased. So in our day and age, most of us are in need of some supplementation.

The question is what to supplement with? What do YOU need?
Which brands can you trust? Are they studies?

To learn more, please join us for our free health talk or book your complimentary consultation


FREE Health talk:

Sunday, 8th September, 2-4pm

73 Pozieres Rd, Tarragindi

RSVP ESSENTIAL: Mandakini 0414 630 163






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“the information is clearly presented and it answered a number of questions I had.  I didn’t realise the hormones impacted so many of my body’s functions;” Kate, 58, Bowral

“Before getting started with Mandakini's Program, I was always exhausted, tired, hormonal, moody & had sharp pain behind both my eyes. All that has disappeared & I feel great, look younger & the pain is gone ”
Annita, 56, NSW

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