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Do you want relief from Menopause Symptoms? Discover how at...


LIVE Online Via Zoom
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Australia/ Brisbane Time 


Are you experiencing any of the following?

👉 Hot Flushes?

👉 Night Sweats?

👉 Trouble sleeping? 

👉 Belly Fat, Weight gain?

👉 Fatigue?

👉 Irritability, Mood Swings, Anger or frustration?

👉 Memory loss?

👉 Loss of libido or painful intercourse?

👉 Tension in relationships, at home or at work?

Here's What You'll Learn In This FREE Practical Seminar?​

💜 What is Menopause, What are the symptoms and how long will they last?

💜 Understanding Your Hormonal System and the changes that occur

💜 Belly Fat , Weight gain and why your body can't let go of the excess

💜 4 foods that will increase your symptoms

💜 The Connection between Gut Function and Menopause

💜 Activities that will intensify or lessen your symptoms?

💜 HRT/ MHT pros and cons

Is this workshop for me? Yes if you are...

✅ In Peri-Menopause or Menopause

✅ Confused about your options?

✅ Concerned regarding how long will the symptoms last? 

✅ Seeking a Natural way to Manage Your Menopause

✅ Feeling a bit overwhelmed with life and desiring mental clarity

✅ Wishing to feel fantastic and experience the healthiest version of yourself.

✅ Starting to experience symptoms and you want to take control before the symptoms get any worse.

The workshop runs for 1 hour and for maximum benefit, we recommend you attend the complete program


discover what triggers your symptoms

find real energy and clarity

Discover what truly nourishes you

Regain Control & feel like you again!


Meet Your Trainer

The program is led by Mandakini Foux (59).

She is a Wellness and Nutrition Educator and Coach with a BSc, a Yoga Instructor with a Diploma in Japanese Ryoho Yoga, a Zen Shiatsu and Oriental functional therapist and a qualified Zumba Instructor.
Mandakini is also a certified Results Coach with the ICF.

For more than 30 years, Mandakini has been guiding people, from all walks of life, in their wellness journey (both in Australia and Overseas) utilising Nutrition, Exercise and Supplementation.

Mandakini is passionate about health, nutrition and confident aging.
She loves empowering people to take control of their wellness.

She specialises in Immune & Hormonal Health, Confident Aging, Therapeutic Yoga ( Lower Back, Weight Loss and Women’s Health) and is an international speaker.

What our participants say?
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Mel, Registered Nurse 53

"I used to suffer from back pain and severe hormonal issues. Since following Mandakini's program, I'm pain free, my hormones have settled, and I lost 10% body fat"

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Annita, Carer 56

“Before getting started with Mandakini's Program, I was always exhausted, tired, hormonal, moody & had sharp pain behind both my eyes. All that has disappeared & I feel great, look younger & the pain was gone ”

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Winnie, Manager 64

I had turned 62, when I noticed I was always hot and sweaty... in actual fact I was going through a second stage menopause as my Doctor explained.


I don't remember when I asked Mandakini for help but I know that I would not have come out of this without Mandakini and her program

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Kate, Executive, 58

I love Mandakini’s Hormone talk- the information is clearly presented and answered a number of questions I had.  I didn’t realise the hormones impacted so many of my body’s functions”

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Claudine, Pilates 43

Mandakini is so knowledgeable and I really feel I have a better understanding of what my body needs for good heath. I highly recommend this program"

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Cathy, Manager 53

...Mandakini is an awesome teacher, very knowledgeable, helpful and caring. Participating in the program virtually made it so easy"