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"We are what we eat..."

                             "Let food be your medicine..."

                                                              " Our cells are made from 100% nutrition"

Have you ever wondered why we eat?  Basically we eat to fuel our bodies energy needs and to supply the raw materials needed to continually (24/7) build and repair our cells, therefore food is supposed to provide us with the nutrients our body needs to function (hopefully to function optimally).

Our bodies are amazing, and providing we supply them with the necessary building blocks, they are designed to keep us alive and strive to defend, protect, heal  and repair themselves. At every point in time, our bodies will do the best they can given the "resources" we provide them with.

Like any "machine" (a very smart and complex machine), the function of our body depends on 3 major factors:

1) Giving it enough of the "good stuff", enough of the nutrients it needs.

2) Minimising the " bad stuff" it does not need- thus reducing the body's need to fight and eliminate the toxicity

3) What "we do" with it- physical activity, mental and emotional well-being, environmental stress and toxicity- will all contribute to how well our bodies will assimilate the nutrients we provide.

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