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Autumn Cleanse - May 5th, 2019


* More Energy * Clarity and Focus * Better Eating Habits * 

 * Weight Loss *  Increased Optimism *

* Enhanced Flexibility and Strength *  Healthier Digestion  *


* Wholefood Breakfast * Take-home lunch boxes *


* Easy to follow eating guidelines * Daily Morning Yoga * Supportive Group


Why Cleanse in Autumn?

In the oriental system, Autumn is governed by the Metal element- Lungs and Large Intestine meridians/ energy channels. It's the time of year to start letting go of what no longer supports us, on all levels, preparing our bodies and minds for the coming winter.

These meridians also have to do with gut function, skin, clarity of mind and optimism.

As most of our Immune System resides in our gut; therefore,  healthier gut means a healthier Immune System, our first line of defence against any intruders, including better resilience to colds and flues.

It is amazing to see the many positive changes participants can experience within such a short space of time. Some benefits include more energy, clarity, focus, increased flexibility, stronger bodies, glowing skin, sense of lightness, sense of direction about what you want, calm, weight loss (where appropriate) and a desire to keep looking after yourself.


How does it Work?


The process lasts for 7 days. You are able to work and look after your family during the cleanse. On weekdays we meet in the morning 5:30-7:00am.


During the cleanse, we eliminate foods and habits that do not support us and replace them with better habits. We implement easy to follow guidelines and provide you with breakfast and lunch, made from the cleanest and most nourishing ingredients.

We do yoga daily, and if you wish you can enjoy complimentary Zumba in Tarragindi classes during this week.


After cleansing we'll guide you how to slowly return to normal healthy eating.

You are fully supported every step of the way, by the program and by your fellow participants, who are going through the same process as you.


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Watch video to hear some of the benefits

Dates: May 5-11, 2019

Sundays May 5th 7:30am-10:30am,
Mon 6th- Fri 10th  5:30-7:00am and Sat 11th 12-2pm

JUMA, 9 Windmill St, Tarragindi



$338 ($318 Early bird by Friday 26th April),
$318/ $298 previous participants

Payment details:

BSB: 114-879, Acc #: 421-158-236, Acc name: Dynamic Wellness


Contact: 0414 630 163

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