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Nutritional Supplementation

Are you currently taking a nutritional supplement?

A vitamin and mineral or maybe specific nutrient?
Are you pleased with the results you've been getting?.

I used to think that all we needed for good health is a healthy diet, exercise and a healthy life style. For years I was convinced that we do not need nutritional supplements. Turns out that the facts and studies do not support this paradigm.

Over the last 50 years our food has changed-DRAMATICALLY! 
The nutrient value in our food including our fruits and vegetables has declined while at the same time our bodies need to fight toxicity has increased. So in our day and age, most of us are in need of some supplementation.

The question is what to supplement with? What do YOU need? Which brands can you trust?

The shocking truth is that most vitamins and minerals on the market (and yes, the big brands too) are made of synthetically manufactured vitamins (from petroleum and coal tar) and the minerals from crushed rocks.

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