New Year's
Rapid Health & Vitality Cleanse
How to Increase your Energy and kick start your weight loss in 7 days
FEB 2- 8, 2020 * Sun 7:30-10:30am, M-F 5:30 -7am, Sat 12-2pm * TARRAGINDI, Brisbane
  • Do you tend to “over indulge” during the holiday season?

  • Do you wish for more energy, clarity & focus?

  • Lacking the motivation to take better care of your body?

  • Frustrated with those few kgs that won’t budge?

On average Australians gain 0.8 -1.5 kg over the Christmas period.
One or two kgs might not seem like much- however researcher have identified that weight gained over the holiday period is rarely lost…


Does it make you feel uncomfortable in your skin? Maybe less confident and possibly even anxious …what if you keep going this way without a way to reverse this trend?


Our “ New Year’s Rapid Health and Vitality Cleanse” are designed to help you “put a line in the sand”, in a supportive group environment of like-minded people. 
We nourish our bodies with healthy delicious whole-food vegan food, with breakfast and lunch boxes provided for you every day.

Together we practice exercises are designed to strengthen and tighten our internal organs.
As you get healthier from the inside, your body will naturally ask for healthier food options, and the unhealthy cravings will just fall away by themselves.


By the end of the week, your cravings will disappear, you feel more energised, stronger from the inside and empowered and motivated to make healthier choices.
Many of our participants also lose 2-4kg in this week.

This week is a retreat in your own back yard, without having to leave your work or family.


In the last 8 years, 318 participants in 31 cleanses, enjoyed the outstanding health benefits our cleanses have to offer. Many of them chose to re-attend whenever they are able to.


Here is what they had to say:

What are the benefits of the New Year's Cleanse?

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Why Cleanse in the New Year?

Many of us tend to over indulge during the holiday season, which often results in unwanted excess weight, eating and drinking habits that do not support healthy lifestyle even sluggishness and lack of motivation. 


The New Year is a time of new hope and plans for a better year. It is the time for new beginings and new direction. It's time to dust off the past and refocus on a fresh start. Our New Years cleanse is deisgned to kick start our health and give us that fresh start we crave. You can transform your health in just one week!


How does it Work?


The process lasts for 7 days. You are able to work and look after your family during the cleanse. On weekdays we only meet in the morning for simple yoga and breakfast. You then get a lunchbox, filled with nourishing wholefoods that will support your process.


During the cleanse, we eliminate foods and habits that do not support us and replace them with better habits. We follow easy to follow guidelines.
We do yoga daily, and if you wish you can enjoy complimentary Zumba classes during this time.


After cleansing we'll guide you how to slowly return to normal healthy eating.

You are fully supported every step the way, by the program and by your fellow participants, who are going through the same process as you.



"In my nearly 30 years of helping people with their health,
this is the easiest and quickest program I know,
that delivers such outstanding results in such a short period of time, consistently."
Mandakini, Instructor and facilitator, 57

"I lost 2.5kg in the week and I got off all the sugar I was eating over Christmas. Feeling fit and healthy. It was so simple and easy. Thank you Mandakini, I'm feeling fantastic"  
Karen, 64

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