LIVE Online Guided Cleanse
Immunity & Vitality Detox
How to Boost Your Immunity, Reset Your Health & Improve Digestion in 7 days?
May 17th- 23rd, 2020  *  Your Home

Would you like to?​

  • Strengthen Your Immune System?

  • Reset Your Vitality and Well- Being?

  • Improve Your Digestion?

  • Feel Grounded and Safe?

  • Establish Healthy Daily habits? 

  • Flatten Your Curve 😃 Lose 1-3kg

  • Prevent Colds and Flu

  • Be supported by a small, like-minded group and a facilitator with 30 years experience?

🔔 Inaugural Program 🔔

For the First time, our signature program will be delivered Live via Zoom.
You'll be shown the steps and given the tools and support you will need to do the cleanse from the comfort of your home.

Our program is designed to nourish your body (and soul) and bring it naturally into a balanced state, helping you to experience the healthiest version of yourself.
By following the guidelines, in just 7 days, you will feel more vital, flexible and strong, you'll get rid of some excess, feel lighter, brighter and motivated to take better care of your health.
In the last 9 years, we’ve led 32 cleanses with 329 participants.
These are some of their results:

  • More energy, focus and clarity,

  • Improved digestion, less bloating, better eating habits

  • Stronger core muscles 

  • Feeling lighter & younger

  • Weight loss (1-3 kg in a week),

  • More motivation

What are the benefits of the New Year's Cleanse?


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What our participants say?

Mandakini, Instructor 57

"In my nearly 30 years of helping people with their health,this is the easiest and quickest program I know,that delivers such outstanding results in such a short period of time, consistently."

Karen, Retired 64

"I lost 2.5kg in the week and I got off all the sugar I was eating over Christmas. Feeling fit and healthy. It was so simple and easy. Thank you Mandakini, I'm feeling fantastic" 

Ross, Carpenter 57

I lost 2.5kg and 5cm around my waist.
I hate vegetables, but managed the vegetarian food


“It was incredible how fast I transformed; my body got stronger, I became amazingly clear and gained so much energy.
I totally broke my habit of eating sweet treats for energy" 
Sally, Mum, 35



" The Cleanse was a great way to kick start my weight loss after the extravagance of Christmas. I lost 3.5kg and 3 cm from each of my waist, belly and hips. I feel motivated to continue and with more energy.
Having the lunch boxes made it so easy and the food was delicious. Picked up some great tips for the future and my health"
Shannon, Marketing Manager, 44


“The most well-rounded experience I have ever had”  Hilda, Retired, 66


" I Joined the cleanse to de-tox after Christmas. I love the food and enjoyed the benefits of the yoga. I always experience clarity of mind and focus after each cleanse"   Liz, Teacher, 49

"Mandakini brings to her classes a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise, and she does so with an open heart of kindness, encouragement, compassion, wisdom and humour, thus creating a space which allows her students to extend themselves beyond their limitations with grace, gentleness and ease.I highly recommend this cleanse to those who wish to get back on track of healthy living, clear the mind, kick start the digestive system and feel fabulous again'" Jan, retired Nurse, 70


" This was my second cleanse and it was so helpful to do it during a hard week at work. It halved the stress and confirmed to me that I want to make cleanses part of my life"   Emma, psychologist, 35

“Benefits- lighter, fitter, stronger and more positive”  Leah, Retired Teacher 66



“In this week I lost 3kg and gained focus”  Tracy, 46


"I always leave the cleanse able to face life with renewed energy, clarity and focus"  Gerrie, Music Teacher, 48 

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