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Mandakini Foux Zumba Tarragindi
Free Trial Zumba via Zoom

 FREE WEEK - 1st - 6th June

Mon 6:30 pm, Wed 6pm & Sat 8am

Special Apply to All Participants!!!

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Are you ready to get active, 
have fun and feel joy?
​De-stress from the day? 

Burn calories and tone up?

Our Zumba classes are now delivered
LIVE via Zoom.

They combine dance and fitness to fantastic Latin and world music. You get to move, have fun, get fit and burn lots of calories...all from the comfort of your own home.

No experience necessary-all levels welcome. You don't even have to be co-ordinated.

For over 10 years, we've been having fun getting active with Zumba and still LOVING it!

Participants come in all ages (16 - 73), shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Some incorporate Zumba into their existing workout regime while others have it as the only exercise they do.

After attending Zumba via Zoom class, you'll feel more energy, relief from stress sense of happiness, joy and positivity.

Allow the music to melt your worries away...
You will always feel better after Zumba...


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